There are moments in a relationship that you may realize that your partner is ignoring you. They suddenly stop spending time with you and may even refuse to talk or communicate with you. If you find these happening, you should understand that your partner is possibly ignoring you because of two reasons – they are trying to inflict pain on you by giving you the silent treatment or they are trying to bow out gracefully from the relationship.

In respect to the first reason, if your partner is trying to manipulate or control you, or even inflict some type of pain on you, what they often do is to ignore you – a psychological technique which is actually a form of abuse. The consequence is to have you giving them undue attention and worrying sick that something is wrong with your relationship or that they do not find you attractive anymore.

What to do to avoid this and the basic steps to take when a person is ignoring you is to:

(1) Find a way to communicate how you feel – this could be done by speaking directly to your partner or sending them a text.

(2) Let your partner also know that you are concerned about how they feel and it would be wise if you both can have a dialogue and talk things out.

(3) After taking the first two steps, if you get no response from your partner, the final step is to not blame yourself; simply give the person the needed space.

(4) While working on the third step, also find something to occupy your mind. The truth is that you have already given the olive tree by trying to communicate with this person. Now, it is up to the person to take you up on the offer. What you don’t want to do is to keep calling or texting because this may drive your partner further away.

Having highlight those, and in respect to the second reason that your partner may have for ignoring you – that is, they are trying to bow out of the relationship – you ought to have noticed how they continuously ignore you so that you will get tired and actually leave them alone. If this is the case; that is, if you find yourself getting ignored and your partner is not responding to your effort to make things go back to the way they were:

(1) Get in touch with them and ask them what they would like you to do or if they still want to be in the relationship with you

(2) If they do not respond to this, then make the decision on your own to move forward and release yourself from whatever bond you have with them.

In both cases of being ignored by your partner, it is important to continuously try not to blame yourself. Being ignored by your partner is only a technique your partner has employed in order to inflict pain on you or get out of the relationship. You sincerely are not to blame. What you should do is to show the person that you are able to stand firm on your own and you won’t let them see you sweat.

More so, if you are reading this, you should understand that no one ought to go through the experience of being ignored. It doesn’t create a healthy relationship and definitely doesn’t make leaving a relationship


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