What Is A Twin Flame?

Have you ever wondered why there are people that are inseparable? Different movies and even books have been written about how two people move against all odds just to be together. Have you’ve wondered what is this force that pulls them together? There are different concepts honed revolving this idea, some called it serendipity, destiny, twin ray and for some that dig deeper call it twin flame.

What Is A Twin Flame?

What is twin flame? Twin flame is an intrinsic connection between two souls. This is a fundamental concept of ceaseless kind of relationship of lovers. Mythology explains that we all come from one source split into smaller units, down to two souls that journey by themselves to experience duality. They would reincarnate over lifetimes with this longing to be reunited as one and leave this physical realm.

What happens as these two souls journey with that intense longing? There are several possibilities, some uses this theory to explain heterosexual and homosexual relationships. They believe that the divided soul don’t really choose the body (with the sexual orientation) they will reside into. Meaning they can both reside on the same sexes both woman or both man. The result, though it is clear with them their sexuality there are moments that they feel the inner struggle especially when they meet their twin flame and whether they like it or not they need to confront themselves. However, accepting this requires spiritual enlightenment that is why not everyone truly understands that our sexuality are not only confine with our physical body, but also the gender of our soul.

Twin flame is not only about sexual orientation, but again the fundamental connection between two souls. Lucky are those who find their other half easily, because others find theirs in the most complicated times in their lives and for some almost too late that is why they need to wait for another lifetime to be reincarnate.

There are others that don’t believe in destiny that is why they make their best effort to get in the way. Where in the two souls are parted by the people around them, just like “Romeo and Juliet”, different novels and movies have been written with this type of plot. Have you asked yourself why these people are willing to die for this one great love?

This cannot discard the fact that there are connection between people that words cannot define and there is eternal love that can wait a span of different lifetime.

If you are one of the lucky people who have found your twin flame then be thankful and express your gratitude in nurturing your relationship. You have to realize that not everyone is blessed with the kind of relationship that you have. If there are moments that you are wondering if what you have is for real, settle your thoughts. Would you like to wait for another lifetime to prove that it is true? Instead of wasting your time figuring out why you felt this deep connection with your partner, why don’t you spend your time figuring how will you make your life together worthwhile?

Again destiny means the entire universe will conspire to fulfill it if it’s meant to be and your part is to keep yourself ready when it happens and if it didn’t come in your lifetime then your twin flame will be patient to wait even if it means waiting and searching for another lifetime.

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