What is a Past Life Relationship?

Have you ever met someone completely new that you had never encountered before, yet experienced a strange familiarity? Perhaps their mannerisms and facial expressions gave you deja vu, or you felt you felt a strange connection with them that was inexplicable and you just felt comfortable immediately. These are a few signs that you knew this person in a previous life and you are experiencing past life flashbacks and recycled energies.

Past life romantic relationships can be particularly powerful and at times overwhelming. You will probably sense on some level within a short time of meeting this person that you actually do know them in a strange sense. The signs will be obvious, especially if this person has come into more than one past life or they played a very substantial role in one. In many cases, with past life relationships, both of these will be true.

At first this will seem great, and you might think that this individual is your soul mate because of the bond you seem to have on a soul-level. They will probably be easy to talk to and be around, but things may also feel very intense and the relationship will likely progress and become serious fairly rapidly. You will feel a strong magnetic pull towards each other. As the relationship continues, however, most past life relationships will repeat the same negative manifestations that they always have.

Past life relationships are essentially a type of soul-addiction, and they will have many of the same qualities of an addiction. You will feel like you cannot live without them, and even though the relationship will prove to hold you back, hurt you, and be unhealthy, it will feel impossible to leave them. Past life relationships typically reap a lot of drama and emotion, putting you on a constant emotional roller coaster. It will be either extreme highs, and happy times, or terrible lows.

If you are in a relationship in which you felt a familiarity almost immediately, then things moved very fast, and soon became unhealthy, it is likely a past life relationship. These are relationships that we want to avoid but for some reason we are attracted to these individuals. You will continue to end up with this person in different lives until your soul learns a fundamental lesson it is missing.

The good news is that there is a soul mate out there for you who is right for you, and there are ways that you can overcome the trap of a repeating past life relationship. Once you learn to love, respect, and accept yourself, past life relationships will no longer afflict you and you will be open to healthy and happy relationships. It isn’t easy to learn these things, and often self-love takes time and practice, but it makes all the difference when it comes to the kind of relationships you will attract. When you genuinely love yourself you will find someone who genuinely loves you.

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