What is a Karmic relationship

There are two important factors about karmic relationships which make them what they are: first, they are not made to last. Second, they exist to teach a lesson of some sort. Karmic relationships involve someone within your soul group and they can help you to process or heal from past life wounds or problems.

Unfortunately karmic relationships are fairly awful, addictive, and in many cases they may even become abusive either emotionally or physically. They are very powerful and emotionally compelling. Once in one, there will be intense emotional highs that feel amazing followed by horrible lows. This type of relationship is usually very selfish and controlling by one or both parties. If you know anything about abusive relationships you will understand how this fits the bill down the line of any typical, textbook abusive relationship. There will be jealousy, controlling behavior, and likely deceit.

At first you may want to try to make things work in a karmic relationship, and it may seem like a match made in heaven. There is always a very fast and powerful connection for any karmic relationship–as for most abusive ones–and you may feel swept off your feet initially. He or she may give you everything you could want or need, and make you feel like you were the only one on the planet, but soon there will be drama and things will feel slightly off. The good times may cause you to try to push past and make the relationship succeed forcefully, but it won’t work. You may break up and come back together multiple times before the relationship is effectively over, which could take years.

The thought of leaving a karmic relationship will most likely send panic through you because the relationship is addictive. Abusive relationships are made to tear down self-confidence and self-esteem and to create dependence. Karmic relationships are characterized by dependence as well. This makes it much more difficult to leave.

Karmic relationships are made to teach us a lesson, but not to last. The mistake that most people make in karmic relationships is hanging on too long to something that is unhealthy, and placing false hope in the possibility that it could be something better. It is not unusual for a first serious relationship to be a karmic relationship, and this is often why those who are married for the first time end up getting divorced.

What do karmic relationships teach us? Karma is what binds us to these relationships, and once we learn from them, and heal the karma, the relationship is severed from us for good. Another good aspect about karmic relationships is that although they are painful and heartbreaking, it is usually after this that you will be ready for your soulmate. In many ways karmic relationships prepare us or teach us what we need to know before meeting our soulmate. The main key in karmic relationships is to let them come to an end–often the endings are bloody and ugly, but it is very important to let go.

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