Virgo Soulmate Love Forecast:

If you are single your best bet of meeting someone this week will be through a family member or some kind of neighborhood or community event. This is not necessarily a certain time to find your soul mate, however. You may try to hard to make a positive impression with Pluto and Mars colliding, and doing this may backfire. Your best bet is to relax and be yourself, don’t force anything this week. Your number one goal shouldn’t be finding someone, just on enjoying yourself and socializing.

Those in a relationship are looking at a time to work out some deep-seated problems. There is likely some problem in your relationship that you haven’t wanted to admit to yourself let alone to your partner. You have been ignoring it and sweeping it under the rug as though it either does not matter or it will go away on its own. Ask yourself if this is really true, however, or if this is actually an important problem which you really do need to face and work out. Continuing to put off this problem is likely to lead to confusion and disorientation. Unaddressed conflicts or issues always have ways of manifesting and when we don’t handle them it can lead to complicated and confusing situations. If you hold off on getting this figured out for too long it will eventually lead to resentment, and few things are destructive to a relationship quite like resentment. It will eat at you and come forth in ugly ways. Be brave and tell your partner that you need to talk.

Career and Money Forecast:

Hard work and good financial decisions have left you in a good place this week. You are able to enjoy a gradual but steady growth when it comes to finances and career development. Your finances, like the other areas of your life, are ready to sync up this week and be in harmony. With things easy and supportive on the home-front you are in an even better position to handle things that involve business and career. People could be envious of your success because they don’t understand how much work you put in to get the rewards that you have. Be wary of some as they may have intentions to hurt your happiness. Your family life is also looking very positive right now and you will find a healthy balance between your work and home lives.

Ideas may be flying all over the place on the work-front this week, so make sure that you are on the same page with your coworkers. Although overall things will be going very well you may have some somewhat unpleasant challenges that you’ll have to face. If you are in the retail or hospitality industries it looks like a particularly promising week. Don’t forget to take care of your physical health and drink plenty of water during this time.

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