It isn’t news anymore that there are people who have had love affairs. In fact, in some culture, it isn’t even appalling anymore when men or women confess that they have had relationships outside of their marriage.
The questions many people however ask sometimes are: What’s next after having an affair? Why do they have an affair since they are already in one relationship? Maybe you feel this is your soul mate, since the one your with is not giving you the attention you need. Have you fallen out of love? Maybe this is the reason people have a secret lover? Of course there are more questions and seemingly more answers but how about focusing on what people find or learn after having a love affair?
I have realized over the course of time and over the course of the relationships that I have had that some people do things based on impulse. They feel they lack something, so they impulsively go out there to get it. In the case of an affair, after the impulse is done, some people find fulfillment or satisfaction. They realized how, for long, they have missed love, attention and fun in their relationship and make the next smart move to get all three back.
Another thing people find after having an affair a renewed Love for Adventure. Believe it or not but many have attested to the fact that nothing is more adventurous than having a secret lover who is ready to do all the things your main lover wouldn’t even think to do. After having an affair, some people just realize there is more they should have and could now do with their main lovers.
Another thing to find after having an affair could be doubt, YES! Super nerve-eating DOUBT that gradually tells you that you only had a secret lover in the first place because you are no longer interested in your current relationship. Perhaps you do not love your loved one anymore or you are just not getting all the love and satisfaction you think you could get.
So, once again, what people find in love affairs varies. You could think you have it all figured out and BOOM, someone else is telling you something entirely different, judging their own relationships. Learn more about a satisfying love affair.

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