A Secret Love Affair

Have you ever found pleasure in another lover’s arms while you are very aware that you are cheating on someone else? Well, I think a good number of people have been in a love affair before, and surprisingly, I do not see reasons to write about the many motives anyone could have had before they sought love from someone else, despite being married or in a relationship.
Oh, yes, what I intend to write about is that satisfaction many have found by having an affair. I have come across many women and men for instance who confess that despite all the risks, despite the secrecy and the fear of being judged, they had successfully sought love outside of their relationships and have been extremely thrilled by what they found.
Take for instance a woman from California who had a single relationship all her life or a man in Texas who suddenly finds himself disenchanted with his current relationship. Of course, in both cases, both the man and the woman respect their partners and truly love them, but something was missing – the usual mantra – and they needed to find their “sparks” back. They would do anything to find love and pleasure again, even if it meant trying someone else without leaving their current partners.
Of course, there are those who think having an affair is selfish and unscrupulous but of course, there is another school of thought that explains that doing whatever one thinks is best for the sake of helping one’s dwindling relationship is the best act of selflessness.
Now, back to what many have found after seeking love outside of their relationships, I think this often varies. Some have found satisfaction – the total kind – while some have agreed to the fact that having a love affair and going through the entire secrecy have taught them a thing or two about pleasurable adventure.

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