Longing for that special someone? Now you have come to the realization that you deserve love? Coming to terms that the desire you have deep inside really is shared with someone who doesn’t hold the same values and ideas as you. you find yourself growing apart until you found that special someone. Does this sound like you?  learn more about this soulmate connection here
I met him while you were far away with your friends as usual. He was calm like I had dreamt, eager to listen, and drowned my sorrows easily with soothing words from his mouth. His touches send thousands of shivers down my spine and he makes me shudder when he hugs me.  For him, no day was complete without me by his side. He calls me his queen and treats me like one. In fact, he learned to ask what my favorite colors were and whether I have any dos and don’ts.
Whenever he pours me wine, which dribbles out of my mouth onto my neck, he would trail it with his tongue. He knows how to work my sensual magic and makes me crave for more. He completely provides more than I have ever asked from you and make me as happy as I have always wanted to be.
For the first time, last week, my heart pounded in my chest. When I told him, he said it was a whirlwind love. He showed me to his friends, his family, and assured me that none of these would dwindle. And when I was not expecting any more surprises, he went on his knees and put a ring on my finger. I couldn’t help it, I cried.
However, I didn’t cry because you have lost me or because I won’t be coming back. I cried because it took me so long to find the one who will show me so much attention and love. Even with the heartbreak and sobs, I am happy that I’ve found him. Get a more in-depth video reading about finding your soulmate here. 

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