Soulmate Love Forecast:

This is a very good week when it comes to love both for singles and those in relationships. If you are single you are likely either in the stage of entering a new relationship or you are about to meet someone who will knock your socks off. If you don’t meet someone new, it could just be that an old relationship with a friend becomes a new passion in your life. Venus, your ruling planet, is passing through your 7th House which dominates partners. Meanwhile Pluto is hanging around to give your emotional energy a boost, giving you a new sense of courage and fearlessness. Nothing is holding you back from love this week, and in fact the stars couldn’t be more in your favor which may be especially refreshing since recently love has alluded.

What does this mean for those already in a pretty serious relationship? However serious the relationship is, you will be experiencing new depths of your partnership and a strengthened emotional and spiritual bond that is likely to be elating. Spirits will be high and life will taste sweet this week as a result of a loving and intoxicating romantic relationship. Your partner will help you to see life in new and amazing ways, especially when it comes to anything that is spiritual or deeply meaningful. These new revelations inspired by your partner will cause you to fall even deeper in love with one another. You can respond by making sure your partner feels safe to open up to you emotionally as well and share with you the matters of their own heart. Be wary of infatuations that give you an intense high but are not real love, and don’t let material gestures take the place of real affection.


Career and Money Forecast:

There is a strong emphasis on communication this week in the workplace. Whether it comes to talking to your employers, employees, or peers, how you converse will be of great importance. Assumptions are likely to run amok this week which brings up the danger of confusion and unnecessary misunderstandings. Taking the time to discuss matters carefully will be very rewarding and help the week to continue on smoothly and without error. One of the best unexpected ways you can improve the week is by using helpful information in casual conversation. Make sure that you are clear and patient, and if you are in doubt about someone else’s requests, make sure that you ask questions so that you also understand fully. This may also be a problem when it comes to money or finances, so make sure that you keep communication at the top of this list in this area too.

With the Moon and Jupiter influencing you it could be a good time to change jobs if you are looking at different employment. Just remember to secure the new job before leaving the old one so that you don’t end up in a financial rut. Investors are looking at a lucrative week, and it could be a good time to begin investing if you aren’t already—just make sure you talk to a financial expert first.

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