I nervously stood outside your apartment, speculating for a few seconds if I knew what I was doing. Then I entered your apartment under the pretense that I was passing by and decided to say hi; but you didn’t even care to look into my dull, lackluster eyes and see that I was lying.
I began to wonder if the man I used to know had suddenly been enslaved in his own body by another man, or if all you did then were facades.
It had been many years since we were together, yet I often never felt any shiver when you touched me. My heart never pounded at your visit, and neither did my hands tremble as my friend said they would. Rather than the little shudder, the lovely kisses and the powerful bond that I had dreamt of, all I got were heart breaks, busy schedules, and complaints. You did not throw surprises like you used to. You didn’t tell me you love me often neither did you keep my company as you had promised.
Yet, I waited for you day after day, looking forward to the moment things would turn around for good. I told you these things, but you wouldn’t listen. You said you were having a busy time at the office, but you go out to club all nights.
While I had waited tirelessly for you, I want you to know now that I have finally found him. I met him…   learn more about this soulmate connection here

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