Starting The Healing Process Of A Broken Heart

A heartbreak is a very challenging experience to go through, your world seems unclear and  your direction now feel like a fog.You find that your mind is very distracted and you can’t seem to focus on your daily task of life. Your try to express your pain to friends and family and they tell you to simply get over it. You find yourself wanting to stay to yourself and isolate away from everyone, your fighting for the pain to simply go away!

A heartbreak is something we don’t like, but it occurs almost in everyone’s life. It’s a devastating experience that could leave a person broken and unable to move on.

To prevent experiencing the pain of another heartbreak, you may avoid falling in love again. You may feel that you can’t move on again because your world feels shattered into broken pieces.

Remember that healing is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight

Although, some people may feel like their entire life is over if their partner decides to split ways. If you are one of these people you need to understand that there is still hope and that there is a chance that your relationship can be repaired and with healing you can move forward.

Recovering from a  heartbreak requires a delicate process, and there are some steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.In most cases, it will not be as simple as simply asking the person to come back, because there was obviously a reason they left in the first place. You must remember not to try to rush the process of healing from a heartbreak.

Healing from heartbreak can be a very difficult process, and you may feel you desire the needed support to get you through. This coaching program will provide you with the guidance and support that will guide you in the right direction towards winning back your life.

So, if you are serious about winning back your life; permit me to introduce you to a tested and proven coaching program that will help you heal from heartbreak LIVE AGAIN! Live to regain your life back!

“Live Again” is a coaching program that will help you, if you’ve been through a broken heart, and unable to find your way, or see your way clearly in this situation. If you think you need more guidance, or assistance to get back your life; then, this program is certainly for you. You will move forward to ‘Live To Regain’ your life as you go on your new path of healing.

With this entry-level package program, this will jump-start you on a path to liberation from the heartache and pain. I will work with you to help you overcome the emotional challenges you’ve been going through.  As you will be guided by the ‘Live Again’ coaching program to the path of liberation and healing and out of the captivity of heartbreak.

How can I help you as a coach?

  • I will  give insight on your path of love.
  • I will help you find your way to self-empowerment
  • How to start the process of inner healing.
  • I will help you with building your self-esteem
  • I will help you remove the hidden blocks in love,
  • I will  help you to see what is blocking preventing you from moving forward.
  • I will point out the steps that you can take in finding closure in a relationship, along with helping you understand why you’re still holding on.
  • I will help you move forward, by redirecting your focus on the positive things in your life, or deep within you.


What type of service will you get with my ‘Live Again” coaching package?’

  • I will work with you 1-on-1 to your path of healing.
  • I will provide tools to help you through your healing process.
  • There will be series of emails support between sessions.
  • I will provide a 1-on-1 phone consultation.
  • I will provide a spiritual reading via video.
  • I will also provide actions steps to apply via video, PDF or audio.


For most people, getting out of heartbreak is very difficult because they already built their future around the other person. The victim believed she would be with him forever (vise versa). The moment the heartbreak occurs, their world of imagination and fantasies crashed instantly! Then disappointment, humiliations, depression and loneliness sets in, which is why the coaching program  “LIVE AGAIN” to bring a sense of restoration and support to your life. For one month this entry-level package “LIVE AGAIN” will bring you a sense of support, insight and satisfaction as you go through this difficult time in your life. You can start with the Live Again coaching package today as we get started for the light on your path to empowerment, healing and peace.

With my coaching package (LIVE AGAIN),will help get deeper insight as you clear away the fog, and give you more clarity on your current situation. It will be geared to your personal and specific situation, providing guidance and knowledge to help you better understand important aspects of your life.

You can learn more about my  “Live Again” 1 on 1 coaching package by clicking here…


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