Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Making Tough Decisions

Darlin’ you’ve just got to let me know…. should I stay or should I go?

The famous lyrics from The Clash’ hit might be pertinent to many, but living by such lyrics can prove troublesome. When we find ourselves up against the rich challenge of love, we can find it tough to make the right calls about what is best for us. When you want to choose to stay or go, the main problem that you are likely to have is maintaining 100% belief and conviction in your decision to stay or go.

That’s harder than many people think, and can be an alarming challenge for many. It’s a hard choice to make, of course, so if you want to feel happier about your decision one way or another, here are five points to look at when making the decision: it’s likely to make the decision more suited to your needs.

  1. Are you unhappy today? Always ask yourself this first and foremost. How happy are you today? Are you unhappy? Would you be happier if you weren’t in the same place tomorrow? If that is the case, it might be time to leave. Happiness is a very simple tonic: if you are unhappy, you need to seek out happiness.
  2. Are you being held back? Do you feel like you are unable to commit to anything in life or meet your potential? Then it might be time to go. Always look and wonder if you are being held back in life. If you could be out there achieving more without the shackles, it’s time to go.
  3. What are you going to? It’s all well and good saying that you will up and leave. Where to, though? You need to know your destination as much as anything else. Work that first, and then you can make a more credible decision based on whether staying or going makes sense.
  4. Do you have other support? When you want to leave that relationship or that location behind, you need to make sure you have a means to survive when you do leave. From turning to support groups to working with local charities, there’s always a way out.
  5. Can you afford to stay? Really, ask yourself if you can afford to stay for your health as much as for money. If you feel suffocated in that relationship, then there really is not much point hanging around in that relationship any longer. If you feel like you can afford to move on, then do so. If you cannot, then save up until you can.

We cannot just run away from a relationship, no matter how damaging or abusive it may be. You need to be ready to leave it, and certain that – in the long-term, perhaps not in the short-term that a better life awaits you.

If you want to make the decision, consider the above five questions. When you do that, you can hopefully peel back the emotion a touch and just look at the cold, hard facts.

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