1) How I Work

Everyone hits rough patches in life, whether it be within a relationship, career, or just struggling to find your place in the world. My objective is to offer consultation and relationship coaching in order to help you through these difficult times. I can help you find balance, harmony, clarity, and answers as well as rediscovering your own gifts and inner strength.

The consultation services I offer are designed specifically to give you guidance in your overall life. Your happiness and fulfillment are the main goals I will work with you to achieve. These services will help to give you a sense of peace-of-mind in your relationships and other aspects of your life.

Relationship coaching can give you greater clarity in your love relationship and help you work out any challenges you may be facing. Love relationships, as we all know, affect our lives very significantly. A happy and healthy relationship can contribute enormously to a happy and healthy life, but being unfulfilled in your relationship or waiting for the right person can leave you feeling empty and broken.

My spiritual and emotional abilities are what make my services so profound and helpful, and why I have been able to help so many people for so many years. I am a clairvoyant and an empathy which are qualities that I tap into in order to help others. Clairvoyance allows me to communicate with spirits and my empathic abilities let me connect with the emotions of those who I am helping on the deepest level.

2) Spiritual Intuitive Consultations

Provide clarity and insight through spiritual intuitive consultations

With spiritually intuitive consultations I can help to provide a special kind of insight that goes beyond the physical plane. It will be geared to your personal and specific situation and provide guidance and knowledge to help you better understand important aspects of your life. Often times emotions and stress cloud our spiritual view and understanding of what is going on around us. My readings will help give you deeper insight as you clear away the fog and give you more clarity on your current situation. For a personal reading feel free to book a reading by click the booking button.
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Relationship Coaching Consultations

The coaching that I offer can be conducted through Skype consultations and video tutorials. Through these different avenues I can give you step by step guidance and coaching. Being able to see and speak to one another this way helps to maximize communication so that you get the most out of each session. Having a spiritual and objective prospective can help you find healing or resolutions in your relationship regarding any specific problems you may be struggling with. Through Skype consultations I will listen to and connect with your problem and then provide intuitive advice and coaching.

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Training Courses For Guidance and Empowerment

My training courses are carefully planned to give you the tools that you need to find empowerment and guidance in every part of your life. Years of practice and experience have given me a lot of wisdom about how to successfully guide people into being their best selves. In these training courses I work from a position of spiritual intuition with the aim of empowering each individual and giving them clear sight.

Prerecorded Video Motivational Sessions (COMING SOON)

When you are in need of a little extra encouragement my prerecorded motivational sessions are made to provide emotional inspiration and help build self-esteem. These sessions can help lift your spirits and remind you that you are strong, worthy of love, and capable of handling whatever problems you are dealing with right now. I have prerecorded these video sessions to be power-packed with positive and encouraging messages that can really make a difference.

 Chakra and Distance Energy Healing (COMING SOON)

Distance energy healing is another powerful method I utilize in order to help unblock chakras and raise vibration. Spiritual and energy healing can be done from any distance since energy and spirit are not bound by the same physical laws. I can help teach you to overcome blocks and help you heal. Doing this will give you a sense of spiritual liberation which will overflow into other areas of your life.

Helping You Discovering Your Purpose and Spiritual Abilities

It is surprising to some people, but everyone has a true life purpose as well as energetic gifts and abilities. Most of the time there are spiritual or mental blocks which keep us from understanding and using these abilities. With my own spiritual tools and knowledge I can guide you into discovering what yours are and help you to access your maximum potential.

3) My Background

With 20 years of experience as a relationship coach, mentor, spiritual advisor, and light-worker, I have extensive wisdom when it comes to these specific areas. I have helped others achieve success when it comes to building their self-esteem, restoring self hope and hope in their lives, finding their life purpose, and healing relationships. With my practice I have helped many people achieve a more positive outlook on life and the path that they are going.

When it comes to any practice one of the main things which ensures a person becomes an expert, and successful at what they can accomplish, is experience. Having worked with numerous people has taught me flexibility and compassion. I know that each individual is different and I have learned to use the wisdom and spiritual tools I have available in order to connect with each unique situation. Using my own gifts, intuition, and knowledge in order to help others is what I aim to do with my life.

Working In Line With Your Freewill

Everyone has the ability to make their own choices, actually it is your god giving right to do so; there are no spiritual laws or fate which will take over your own free will. You will always have the last say in whatever happens in your life; you are the ultimate author. The timing of each matter in your life is based both on your own freewill and the power of the universe. This is a great responsibility and it means that you are the one who holds the keys to your own liberation and happiness.