Soulmate Love Forecast:

Jupiter is currently in your sign and this week it will link to Neptune which is in your true love sector. Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship this is exceptional for your love life. Those who are single will have a good chance of meeting someone new and exciting who could even be the one. If you are single try to make some time to go to events. Participate in things involving spirituality, art, or music. Without even meaning to you could bump into someone who shares a connection with you at one of these places.

Those who have a crush or budding relationship will likely see the next step of that partnership, whether is a first date, saying you love one another, or otherwise moving forward in a romantic and powerful way. Don’t hold back, give in to the love and affection of your partner and let the bliss into your heart. Make the best of each moment. This is a rewarding week for love and taking risks or submitting to new experiences. Those in a more committed relationship can make more concrete or practical steps towards building a future life together without fear or hesitation. Even if it takes a little effort on your end it will be enjoyable and worthwhile emotionally and spiritually. The only thing stopping you from love this week is yourself, so don’t be afraid or despair—just open yourself up and let the love flow freely and naturally. It will be even happier and more rewarding than it has been lately.

Career and Money Forecast:

Even though you may feel frustrated or irritated this week, try to do your best to be professional and polite. Things are likely to irritate you during this time and you may not understand exactly why, or why issues are getting under your skin quite as much as they are while at work. If you just take a step back and take a deep breath when needed you will find it easier to get through the week. The good news is that you will find yourself working harmoniously with coworkers. Teamwork between people of different skills and social leaning will come into play for the benefit of everyone. You may need to compromise at certain points, but doing so will be easy for you due to the special energy of comradery flowing through the workplace.

There may be a fear of being replaced or overtaken by someone else. If this is a genuine concern, rather than being afraid, take action by searching for a new job and updating your resume. It doesn’t hurt to get your feelers out there and see if there is anything better, this could even be a blessing in disguise. This is a good week for reinventing and recreating yourself. Don’t hold yourself back from having big dreams and finding ways to go after them. The universe will be in your favor, lending you its positive energies. Lay the groundwork and jump into activities early in the week if possible. The main theme of this week will be imagining what you could do if you had nothing to stop you, and then making plans to actually achieve some of those ideas.


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