Soulmate and Love Forecast:

With Venus moving into your sign over the next few weeks you will be feeling beautiful and magnetic. This will give you a new sense of confidence in yourself and your body and people will notice and draw to you like a moth to a flame. This could be a good week for finding someone new if you are single, and if not it will probably happen sometime in the near future. With a full moon in your relationship sector and Mercury in retrograde in your sign, however, you may struggle with communication while also coming to some painful revelation about your love life.


Because of Mercury in retrograde motion in your sign there could be some miscommunication or petty arguments for those who are involved in a relationship. It is also possible that you could find out something about your partner or relationship that has been in plain sight but you have refused to acknowledge. This coming up to the surface could also cause discord in your relationship—it could be an affair, at worst, or something more minor that is easier to work through. With Venus in your sign, however, there is a good chance that your relationship will overcome and survive. Expect things to improve soon. Your magnetic energy is bound to have some sort of affect on your partner as well, which could lead to some passionate making up.


Career and Money Forecast:


There may be some sort of transfer at your job either when it comes to other employees or superiors. Ultimately this will work out in your favor for one reason or another and if you’re in a tourism sector new opportunities are likely to present themselves. The week will also see a lot of self-criticism and self-deprecation. Some of this, in a healthy and constructive way, is very beneficial. If you are just being negative and hard on yourself, however, then it may be time to step back and forgive and love yourself a little more. Think about how you can improve but don’t hold back on all of the things you do right. Even having the ability to identify your own flaws and find ways to work past them is a certain skill not everyone has.


Seeking the deeper truths of life is a good theme for the week and it could be advantageous, giving you some new angles or insights about your future, career, or dreams.  You may be encouraged to go back to school or attend some classes to further your education. This is a good time to do so. By following your dreams you’ll be following the money, which is always great news. This is a week of self-improvement and finding practical ways to be more efficient and productive. Doing all of this will definitely prove to be rewarding, and although the financial and personal rewards may not be immediate, they will be worthwhile.


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