Soulmate Love Forecast:

Venus is the planet of love, and she is sending flowing and positive energies your way this week to give you a boost when it comes to romance and love. With Jupiter in the adventurous area of your chart it looks like an exciting time. Your mind will be full of possibilities and you won’t be quite so hung up on the details of who, how, or when love will happen to you if you are single. The point right now is just to fall in line with the spirit of love and adventure rather than the rational part of it. This week isn’t a guarantee that you will find your soulmate, but there is a chance. It’s more about exploring your own ideas of romance and enjoying the emotional flow that comes your way. Don’t hide your light, be yourself, be vulnerable, and open yourself up to the world.


Those who are in a relationship are likely to have some unsolicited advice when it comes to finances or money from your significant other. It is best to find a way to delicately tell them that you would rather stick to personal issues instead. You will probably find you disagree with this advice and in this case it is probably good to trust your own instinct. This could lead to a fight or even resentment on your end if not handled with care and diplomacy. Again, it’s about the spirit of love rather than the details, so focus on this rather than any potential problems which may spring up. Let your love be guided by a sense of selflessness to bless your partner; doing so will ease any sore feelings on both ends.


Career and Money Forecast:


A calmer work environment with less demand than usual will give you an opportunity to be productive in other ways. Use any free time you have, instead of finding some way to escape work, to nurture workplace relationships and get organized. Make small talk and find connections with coworkers, superiors, or employees. When not doing this or picking up assignments, organize your desk or go through and sort out paperwork. Doing this will give you a sense of confidence and control in the workplace and it will feel very empowering.


You may have to deal with some unexpected event or a sudden change of plans during the week, but it won’t be anything that you can’t handle. The best way to increase your earning potential will be to think and do things in more creative and original ways. Break away from routine when it comes to assignments or work projects. This is also an important week for jumping at any opportunity you may get. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you want or need something. Doing this will help advance your career and even your financial standing. You may have to dig into your savings for some home renovations.

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