Past Life Relationship vs. A Soul Mate Relationship

Two of the most spiritual kinds of romantic relationships are soulmates and past life relationships. The two, although they reach you on a very deep and emotional level, could not be more different. You can have more than one past life relationship, but whether you may have more than one soulmate is somewhat debatable.
A past life relationship is just essentially someone who you have been with in a previous life, nothing more. There are certain cues that will indicate whether or not this is the case. When you find yourself with someone who you knew in a past life you will feel a profound sense of familiarity and comfort; it will be easy being with them and you will get close to them very quickly because your souls will recognize one another. You may understand this person strikingly better than you understand other people, or find that the reverse is true. You will probably feel an intense emotional and mental connection with this person, at times you may even feel psychically linked, as though you could read each other’s thoughts.
Past life relationships tend to be our souls re-experiencing a kind of addiction, however, and they are often negative. Just like abused women often end up with the same kind of abusive men, your soul will continue to fall back with a person that is not best for you because there is a powerful intoxicating effect that keeps you coming back. Past life relationships are more based on need and the emotional high you get rather than love and a healthy connection. You will probably feel like the idea of living without them is impossible, which is a thought most addicts feel about any addiction.
Soulmate relationships are similar in the regard that you will feel a powerful bond with this person, and may also experience a kind of psychic connection. A soulmate is someone who has a soul that is perfectly suited to yours. This kind of relationship, unlike a past life relationship, is one which breeds personal growth and freedom. Rather than an emotional high and drama, you will feel a sense of peace, calmness, and security with this person. This is the difference between a true love relationship and one that is based on addiction and need. It may not seem quite as exciting and exhilarating, but it is healthy and stable. Soulmate relationships are made to last, but past life relationships will continually die and be unnaturally revived.
When you love and respect yourself you will be in the perfect position to find your soulmate. As you struggle with loving yourself, however, you will struggle with recurring soul problems and end up in past life relationships that are doomed to fail. To escape the trap of these relationships you have to believe that you deserve something healthy and lasting. This principle applies to all kinds of negative and unhealthy relationships–they exist when we settle for less than we should because we see ourselves as less than we should. By loving and cherishing yourself you will find the man or woman who will genuinely love and cherish you.

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