Love Magick



On this journey I will share with you my spiritual and magical secrets that I have never shared before. This will put you on a path to achieving your heart’s desires. Increase your faith, move away from self-doubt, and enhance your ability to start thinking positively so that you can manifest your heart’s desires, and heal your past and current wounds that still affects your walk today. Spells and spiritual works are two joint ways that you can manifest healing and progress forward on the path to enlightenment and fulfillment.


Here are 5 ways that you can start manifesting your heart’s desires through your inner intuitive abilities.

1.Speak your desires into the universe


Speaking your desires can help you remove the self-doubt that pops into our minds. This essentially boils down to affirmations which are power-packed messages we speak aloud. The words that we speak to ourselves and to others have the potential to mold and create our life, because they directly affect and are likewise affected by our inner thoughts. What we think is where it starts; each thought is a seed. What we speak forth is the next advancement of what goes on inside our minds. Words are the first outward manifestation of our inward beliefs and thoughts.


This is why there is so much power in words. Often people who complain or openly speak negatives about themselves, their jobs, or their loved ones, will create more negativity in these specific areas. By talking positively and encouragingly, and instead speaking your desires into the universe, you change your view and the universe adapts to suit your own beliefs. There are two ways that you can speak positively. You can, first, state what you are grateful for about your own life. What are you thankful for? What good has the universe done for you? Secondly, you can start to speak your desires into being by acknowledging what you want and talking positively about your progress towards achieving it.  

2. Visualize your desires


Start to visualize what you desire. You may want to create a magical vision board to help you with this task. Visualization is a powerful tool that works like how speaking your desires works. When you visualize something you are putting into your mind not only what success looks like, but most importantly what it would feel like. This helps you to believe in the possibility of your desires becoming reality and it also creates energy which the universe will respond to.


Making a dream board is a fun and easy way to better visualize your desires. You can do this by getting a bulletin board or something similar, then by taping up images and sayings which help you visualize what you want to happen. An example of this might be to include healthy recipes and images of men or women exercising. You could find your dream home or job and tape it to the board—anything in the world you may desire.

3. Believe in your abilities


Sometimes we can be our hardest critics. Often this goes way back to how we were raised and if our parents were very critical of us as children and as we grew up. Planting the seeds of positivity come from when we are young. Because of how some of us were raised we are so self-critical we find that we have to continuously change our way of thinking and planting seeds of positivity. Just because you may have had a bad childhood does not mean that you can’t seize control of your own mind and thoughts now that you are an adult. It is harder for some people, but this can be done by anyone.


Believing in yourself is rarely easy, but it is of the utmost importance that you do, because your own belief in your abilities is the only thing that really matters. How much others doubt or believe you means nothing compared to what you think you can or can’t do. Not everyone has the same abilities and strengths, but that is okay. You were given everything that you need to succeed inside your own soul. You just have to have faith in your own strength, courage, and virtues.

4. Trust in the Process


Even though there will be times along your journey where the path gets dark and things may even seem hopeless, you still have to trust the process. It will not always be easy and in fact it is often an ongoing fight between your inner voices of faith and doubt. When times get harder the most important thing is not to give up, and to simply cling to your trust in yourself and in the universe. Your desires may take time to come to light, and the journey itself may prove to be transformative.


Don’t give up. Keep putting one foot in front of the next and continue to speak positively, visualize your desires, and believe in yourself, even on the days when it feels difficult. Nothing great ever came easy. Just know that when times do get rough they are only temporary and part of the path to learning and growth. Everything is happening in the right way and at the right time.

5. Choose to be a Force of Positivity


It is easy to look around and see the bad, within yourself and the world around you. That is usually the first thing our minds to go—the negative. What we see and what we believe are in the end what we will manifest, and that is how we can either be forces of positivity or negativity. The first step to being either positive or negative hinges almost entirely on perception and belief. You can choose to see the glass half full, and one of the best ways to do this is by having a gratitude journal or some other proactive outlet for consciously acknowledging the good in and around you. Once you see and take this good energy in, and make it your own, it goes outward into the world and the universe. This creates a cycle of energy, where the energy you create within and release without comes back to you. Being a force of positivity will help you to achieve your desires. Doing this makes it easier to speak your desires into the universe, to visualize them, to believe in your abilities, and to trust the process.