Have you ever fallen in love with someone so deeply, you would think about them each time you wake up in the morning and then throughout the day? Of course, you have. I have too. I have found myself enjoying their company, loving the way I get to hold their hands or speak to them and also finding every means to see the smiles on their faces, even if it meant doing things I wasn’t pleased with.

There is a problem I have encountered while loving someone so much and that is the fact that people withdraw when you think they could have loved you back. They might tell you that do not love you the same way, or even show you through their actions if they are too reluctant to tell you face to face. You may think that you are experiencing a karmic relationship as you think to yourself what are the lessons I need to learn from this?

I do not understand this part of any friendship, and neither can a good number of people out there. It starts with that point in my life that I cannot fathom why I am constantly thinking, dreaming  about being with someone. There are times I am together with that person and it feels so amazing! We may go out together, travel together, but afterwards, I feel like I am being shut down or pushed out. I get very confused with how this person suddenly do not seem to care. Each time that I am with them, I feel that I am falling so deep in love with them; so why couldn’t they do the same?

Unrequited love is quite common in friendships and in many relationships. It could happen to anyone and of course, you could either be the one deeply in love with someone or the one unable to have the same feelings being shown towards you. Either way, it is important to note that there are many ways and signs to look out for in order to know if love is being unrequited.


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