Soulmate Love Forecast:

This is not the most promising week for singles although it is possible that you will connect with someone on social media which may result in a first date. Aside from meeting someone or making a connection online, chances are also good to meet someone for those traveling. Because of the retrograde period relationships you enter during this time are unlikely to work out, but it could still be a fun learning experience if you do connect with someone. You will have admirers this week who enjoy your company for your intelligence and  which are bound to get you noticed.

If you are in a relationship currently the main highlight to remember is compromise and giving one another space. Agreement should be very achievable during this time, which is very good, especially if you and your partner are trying to make some important life decision which is very possible. Make sure that you don’t automatically shut your partner’s ideas down if they conflict with what you had in mind, and instead seek alternative ideas together. Being open-minded and receptive to new ideas will help you grow, broaden your horizons, and also ensure that this new decision is the most successful. Despite making this important choice together it will also be good to give each other some time apart so as not to smoother or suffocate each other. Spending quality time is nice but doing so too much can sometimes lead to unnecessary friction or cause you to come off as clingy. Give yourselves time to be with your own friends or work on solo tasks.

Career and Money Forecast:

Your coworkers will be your allies over the course of the week. You may encounter problems such as drama in the workplace. There may be some competition between the sexes or other stressful situations. If you treat everyone with equality and try to act as mediator rather than jumping on a bandwagon your coworkers could be more likely to help you if you need something from them. Don’t jump into any situation this week, because there is danger in leaping before you look. Think through any decision that presents itself before you give any kind of definite answer. There is no harm in just telling someone who you want to sleep on it for a night. When it comes to your workplace tasks you may find yourself surprisingly inspired and possibly even in a position to impress those above you. This could lead to a new friendship or personal connection with a superior.

Investors should be most wary. This isn’t the best week for making new investments, and it could result in losses even if the market seems stable at this time. Other than this, this looks like a pretty good week for financial gains and you may see some unexpected monetary rewards coming your way. Stay humble and always keep an eye open for the blessings, no matter what they may be.

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