Soulmate Love Forecast:


There is a good chance that an ex may come back into your life this week. If you are already in a relationship make sure that you think very seriously before getting even a little involved, and make sure that you are open with your partner. Making the choice to end your current relationship for a previous flame may be a mistake. Be certain that you are thinking rationally before you take any steps.


If you are single the situation is slightly less complicated, but still be very careful. Rethink your past relationship objectively and why the two of you broke up; you don’t want to get back into an unhappy or unhealthy relationship just because you are lonely or even still in love with them. If circumstances are different now, and your ex was a good person but the timing just wasn’t right or there was some other similar issue, it could be your second chance at happiness. Just be sure that you have grown since the breakup and know that you are making your choice based on the right reasons. Most importantly, don’t rush or pressure yourself to make a fast decision. Take your time to feel things out and hold back on your emotions. With Venus traveling through Sagittarius people will be more likely to be drawn to you.


Those in a happy committed relationship can look forward to a romantic week. Do something fun, go on a date, or plan a short trip if possible. The planets are in your favor this week when it comes to romance.

Career and Money Forecast:


You’ll have a lot of energy coming from different sources and running through you this week. It will be hard to direct and channel this energy, and you may have some inner battles and challenges to face when it comes to work. Competition is likely to crop up, and motivations include arguments and ego, which are not likely to drive you to a very good place. To combat these potential traps try to come together with those you work with and unite towards a common goal, or, if none exist, against an enemy that you have in common. Stay active, work hard, and try as best you can to direct that energy into being productive and promoting friendship and unity. You may also find it very fruitful and beneficial to sign up for some classes or seminars which will help further your career goals.


Those who have been seeking new employment may get contacted and get an interview over the week. Things look to be in your favor especially if you prepare well in advance and make sure you are ready for the interview. Be sure that the job opening is better than whatever you are doing currently. The Moon is gong to be your greatest ally when it comes to your financial standing. Recently it has been in conflict with other planetary bodies, but not this week. Expect your imagination and instincts to be sharpened when it comes to money, helping you to make good financial choices.

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