Leo can you have more than one soul mate?

Leo I bet you were thinking Is it really possible to have more than one soul mate during one’s lifetime?”

I heard the above words once while I was in the city restaurant, two women obviously discussing the possibility of falling in love twice, having more than one lover throughout one’s lifetime or probably finding your heart belonging to another man after it once belonged to someone else.

I have thought about these consistently since I left the restaurant. I have also considered that like the two women in the restaurant, there are those out there who are also curious or worried about the same thing.

Leo the truth is that there are no limits to love; neither can anyone conclude that once there is an end to the love you once felt, you hardly can feel the same thing all over again.

I should share the story of a relationship I once had. I had a lover – of my dreams and fantasies – who I already made up my life to live the rest of my life with. I just couldn’t see the possibility of loving someone else, or even share anything with them the same way I did with my lover. I was convinced that he was my soul mate. It was that solid and it felt like there was nothing more satisfying to look forward to.

Then the relationship ended. Yes it did.

It hurt at first and I thought there was no way I could find another soul mate. I had lost the only one I could have and which other one could be lurking around? Right?

I was wrong to be pessimistic. I was very wrong. I fell in love again, and this time, I did love more than I had ever done. I felt my heart pacing rapidly whenever he was around. I looked into his eyes and knew he was the one. He was the other soul mate I could have.

We all have a lifetime to find love and if we fail with one, we can go right out and try again. There is no universal law that says one human is strictly to a single other without the possibility of finding another match if the first (or second) fails.

Anyone can have more than one soul mate

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