Lay hold of your intuition is a guided to connecting with your intuition.

Laying hold of your intuition is about tuning in to your inner voice and listening to what you’re inner spirit is saying through meditation and prayer.  Learning how to understanding your higher self and how it connects with god and the universe. Learning how to listen to your intuition and decipher the spiritual messages  between your mind, spirit  and your intuition. This e-book can be used as a monthly or daily guide. This e-book can also be used as a combination of  spiritual prayers to gain peace and clarity from the inside out. This Ebook is designed to strengthen you spiritually and  guide you through your  most difficult challenges in life while connecting with your higher self.


There may be a  time in our lives that we will feel the need to pray. Reflecting on the old, the new, the past, and the beginning. Thank God for our failures, just as well as our success. Remember always that our failures made us who we are today. Our success will point us in the direction of where we should be. Yet as many accomplishment in our lives we achieved, sometimes it still seems like we are just not good enough. Or maybe we don’t measure up as we think we should. Sometimes we find ourselves going back to the cross to pray. Let us seek Prayer, meditation, relaxation, or simply being still. Let us go back to the cross or deep within ourselves as we reflect with our god the universe. Remembering always that the universe/god knows our hearts, our thoughts, and our ways. Remembering always that God understands us, deeper than we understand ourselves. So let us go to the cross, and surely we will get up knowing our true purpose.

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