Soulmate Love Forecast:

Singles may feel dissuaded or nervous about a strange and disconcerting dream. Don’t let this pull you down, not only may the dream not mean at all what you think, its meaning may actually be the opposite of what it seems. This is a good week for socializing and you will likely meet some new faces. Expect these new connections to bring a spark or two that make your heart skip a beat. Even if you don’t feel that connection right away, don’t forget that it may take time to actually recognize your soulmate. Have patience but if something feels right follow through. You may even find a very unexpected attraction has your attention.

Communication has been very smooth for those in a relationship. Things have for the most part been going forward very smoothly and you have been happy and in love with one another. In fact, you may even say that your relationship is everything you could dream of—you’ve both been supportive and affectionate and generally grateful for one another. This is a good week to work together with your partner on goals you may have. You can use their insight and innovative ideas as a sounding board for your own. Together you may come up with an ingenious new way to accomplish a certain goal. Even though things are going so well between the two of you make sure that you have your lover’s needs close in mind too, just in case there is anything that they may not be voicing.

Career and Money Forecast:

The pressure is on this week on the job front. Not only may you find yourself letting ordinary things slide, which is unusual, you may also have to face challenging situations that involve events or people which are beyond your control. Be careful of what you say and try to pay attention. You may feel hesitant like you shouldn’t take any risks at all or take up any new opportunities. Some of the problem may be the result of exhaustion from the weeks preceding this one. Deadlines may cause pressure on you and it may be challenging to maintain order on the job. All of this could cause you to lose patience.

To combat these problems the first thing you should do is try not to take yourself too seriously, because that will only add to the problem. Beyond doing your best to stay alert and put your best foot forward there is only so much you can do. Try to deal with snags and unnecessary delays as much as possible but don’t forget your mental and physical health. This is likely going to be a difficult week no matter how you handle it, so just be as patient as possible and wait it out. At the end of the week things will start to look better and there are good chances that stresses will subside and the chaos will calm down. All you have to do right now is keep your head together and do your best, the reward is coming soon.


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