You love them, don’t you? For so many days, you have been by their side as a friend, as a business partner or even as a friendly neighbor; and yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him. You just couldn’t.
Or perhaps you are the one who likes them so much, you hardly breathe whenever their  a feet away from you. You probably seen beautiful images of them on social media and when you do , you find that you fall under their spell.
Love comes in different shades and from inexplicable situations – you have to understand this. And while it feels weird that you can love someone very much and find it hard to tell or show them, you should also understand that it doesn’t mean that you are abnormal. In fact, nine out of ten bets says those feelings are genuine because they make you shy, uneasy or incapable of expressing yourself.
Now, to get over such secrecy; to be able to walk up to that man or woman you have kept your feelings from for so long, you need to make up your mind first. You need to stop denying the possibility that your love for them could be reciprocated. For if you can love them, they can love you back too.
Also find a way to be comfortable around them. When next you are close to them, start-up a conversation or draw them to you by smiling at their words and talking back to them when they speak. And if these are on already, find the next best step which is revealing your feelings – either by words or by actions.
I adore you – the three words that can be said to anyone, even to you. Don’t let fear stop you from saying them, or from thinking you can hear them from someone else.
Gemini, so are you ready to tell your secret? Maybe you want to share your secret with the one you love and admire.   Maybe your thinking how would they respond? Would that ruin the secret love that you have together? Follow your heart and your intuition and allow this to be a guide on your journey of love. 

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