Soulmate and Love Forecast:

This is not the best time for love regarding those not in a relationship. Singles are looking at a week that may be confusing and frustrating and you may be hung up on thoughts of the past. If you have a crush or you are just on the brink of getting involved with someone they are likely to send you some conflicting signals. It may seem like one day they act like you don’t exist, and the next they are warm or talkative. Privacy and elusiveness are two keywords that will hold significant meaning over the next few days. If someone is toying with you or keeping you on the back burner it will be evident in their actions, regardless of what they say. Don’t waste time playing games or making time for someone who doesn’t make time for you. You deserve genuine appreciation and respect. Use this time to take care of yourself and practice some self-nurture.

Nothing too eventful looks to be on the forecast for those who are currently in a committed relationship. You may be reflective over the next week thinking about exes or someone else of romantic significance that is in the past. It is possible that these reflections may inspire some lesson that you needed to learn. Try to take from this something that you can apply to your present relationship to make it happier and healthier. You will be introspective at this time, and it’s okay to spend time alone, just don’t neglect your lover. Do what you can to still make quality time to be together and try to garner inner knowledge that will benefit your relationship.

Career and Money Forecast

Personal matters may have you somewhat distracted from work. Spend your week taking care of any personal issues and deal with your emotions when you can. Do your best to keep work and personal matters separated, this is imperative to having a happy home life and a successful career. This may be a good week to do some home repairs to increase the value of your house and make it look more desirable. It could be on your mind to sell sometime soon, and this will help you get ready for it. If you have been thinking about switching careers or trying to scale down you could also consider working from home. This can sometimes be a challenging way to earn a living, so try it out and work your way into it before you quit your day job entirely.

This is also a good time to finish projects, tie up loose ends, and try to get yourself squared away. There is probably something you have been putting off doing and this is the time to do it. Getting your affairs really in order from time to time can help you to clear your mind and give you a sense of calm. This is also a good week for reinforcing or making new office friendships. Try bringing some food in for everyone to share.

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