Capricorn Love, Health and Career

The sign Capricorn is represented in the form of a goat, it is an Earth Sign, and ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorns are very ambitious and often focus their lives on career, success, authority, and money. They are by nature extremely practical and well grounded. Capricorns are very patient and excel at planning and organization. Goats have a tendency to be very careful about their footing, always ensuring that they are stepping on solid ground. Goats make great climbers and thrive in mountains. This is very much like a Capricorn: they strive for big things but are careful thinkers and planners.

Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorns are especially cautious about making choices that involve money and they have an intense focus on their objectives. They crave a sense of security and safety and are quite proud. Capricorns don’t like to be in a position where they owe something to anyone. They can be very independent and often tend to be loners. On the negative side they can stray away from loved ones, they may be materialistic, and they can get tunnel vision. Sometimes Capricorns are also bossy and emotionally detached.

Love and Relationships

Recently Saturn entered your sign. Saturn is a planet mainly associated with limitations, he is also your ruling planet. This signifies a slight shift in your attitudes about yourself and your relationship or prospective relationship causing you to feel more seriously about matters. You will feel inclined to get your thoughts, feelings, and matters of your life more in order, which is the positive effect you can expect. On the downside you may alienate your significant other or possible partners if you’re single, so don’t let this cause you to shut down your social life. If you’re in a relationship make sure that you regularly schedule dates and time together so you don’t drift apart.

The biggest risk that could keep you from finding your soulmate if you’re single this year is pushing people away. This is a tendency you have, but this is a good year for overcoming this obstacle so that you can welcome new people into your life. If you are single this is even more important and could even be the determining factor in whether or not you find the one for you. You will feel confident at various times throughout the year so take advantage of this feeling and flourish socially. Confidence can be very attractive and appealing. This is a good year for loving in new and unusual ways and becoming acquainted with people who are exciting and different.  

Work and Money

The beginning of the year in 2018 is likely to result in a combination of high productivity but less profits in certain areas. You will still see the fruits of most of your labor coming in, it just may not be quite as much as you would hope. A little patience is the main thing that you will need when it comes to work and money at the very start of this year. Soon, things will be much easier. Gains and profits will get better for a period and then fall back again later in the year. The main thing about 2018 for Capricorn is that it will probably be a time of fluctuation and highs and lows. You will close out the year in a good place with a high level of productivity and financial gain.

Overall just remember to be patient, but this should be fairly easy since it’s one of your strong suits. Save money during the more lucrative periods and you will be able to get by just fine during the lean times, allowing for some cushion if you happen to come into any emergencies or situations that you need the extra cash. It seems that the very beginning and end of the year will be the most exciting, whether good or bad. The middle of this upcoming year may be a little slower and a bit boring even, but this may also be just what you need.


There is much to accomplish in the upcoming year and your health will be fairly directly connected to your overall health. You will be striving hard to succeed which will pan out well, but the drain on your energy and emotional and mental strain has the potential to hurt your health. Learn to pay attention to the messages and signals your body is giving you so that you know when trouble is coming and when you are pushing yourself too hard. Headaches may be your primary cue that things are not right, and if you don’t slow down enough to recover and practice stress-reduction then you could have difficulty sleeping and concentrating.

With Mars transiting into Scorpio those with high blood pressure should be especially cautious about stress and diet. Later in the year Jupiter will be entering Libra and this will make it easier to manage any health issues. Seek medical advice when needed, don’t let your pride get in the way of your health. You may also want to seek blessings from parents and/or Gurus. Donating, doing charity work, and helping give to the community can also change any negative energies or bad karma that may be having an adverse affect on your health.


The Archangel Azrael will be watching over you throughout this new year. The name Azrael means “Help from God” or “Help of God.” This Archangel deals specifically in helping people go from the physical living life to the spiritual life. He helps comfort those who are near death, giving them peace, comfort, and relieving them of pain. Once they are on the other side Azrael is there to guide them into the spirit realm and help them to adjust and understand the change. Azrael also assists friends and family of someone who is dying or dead. He gives comfort and counsel to the grieving, helping them to come to terms with death, to heal, and continue going on. Azrael is considered to be an Archangel of incredible compassion, wisdom, and gentleness, giving great comfort and healing energies to those who are lost and grieving. Azazel is also cited as being one of the main Archangels which assists Capricorn. Capricorn is a very strong sign capable of handling emotions well, so it makes sense that the Archangel Azrael is the sign’s primary Archangel.

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