Soulmate Love Forecast:

This is a good week for love. Those who are single have a good chance of meeting someone, especially in a workshop or class. Pay attention to those around you and find a chance to strike up a conversation with someone you find interesting or attractive—if a relationship becomes of it, it has a good chance of working out. Try to talk about subjects like philosophy or physics. Those in a relationship will also find these scientific and spiritual topics to be very beneficial during the week.


If you have recently come into a relationship love is in the forecast. Exploring deeper spiritual aspects of life and your relationship could lead to a much more enriched life. Be wary of taking your ethics and convictions too seriously and expecting your loved one to always agree with you or behave as you think they should. Don’t dwell so much on the negative and lighten up a little. Doing this will allow you to open up to new ideas and possibilities and give you a chance to deepen your spiritual insights. You may feel like there are things hitting you hard this week and it just seems rough, but deny your urge to try to escape from reality. Patience and learning to relax and not take everything so seriously will be your biggest allies over the course of the week, turning it from a potentially frustrating time into a time of revelation, epiphany, and enlightenment.


Career and Money Forecast


The recent days, weeks, or even months have given you a lot of change. Whether good or bad, this period of shifting has been somewhat disorienting and tiresome. This week is likely to bring you a period of relative calm and consistency which will prove to be nice and give you a chance to finally adjust and breathe more easily. There is a chance that it may be a productive week, but stick close to the familiar and don’t overexert yourself. Just take on what you can handle and you will find that you’ve gotten a lot more accomplished than you expected. Don’t make any hasty decisions because they could backfire or turn out making you look foolish.


It is a good week to get in touch with any work goals or ambitions you may have. Doing this and making a game-plan could help you get much closer to achieving your larger life dreams, and the universe is in your favor. You will have high intuition so rely on your gut instincts. The near future could hold more responsibilities, more meetings, and more work if you make certain choices—and this is all for the better when it comes to having a more lucrative and stable career. You may even have the chance for a new job open up, just know that taking this better job could change your life forever. If you are in a position where you have steady income borrowing money or getting a home loan may be a good choice.

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