For years, I dreamt of holding hands with you while breathing the evening air. I built beautiful castles in the air and hoped that one day we would meet. Everyone was the same: same lies, same flirty look, same promises, but I never fell.
When all hopes were dashed, I decided to take a trip to a far away to find a long distance love.
I wandered for days, looking for my soulmate who I believed would be lurking somewhere for me. From the dreams I’ve had, from the previous nights, I knew you, but I couldn’t paint you. I told my friends that I would know when I find you, yet they never believed me. Some said I was going insane. Others said I had given in to too many fictions, but I knew what I saw. Perhaps, I guessed I knew.
As weeks crawled into months, I finally acceded to my friends’ pressure. I decided to go back home after taking few cups of coffee at one of the coffee shops in town. I carried the red tray that held my creamy coffee and toast when you rushed into me, spilling the coffee all over my shirt. You kept on apologizing, but I couldn’t even hear you anymore. Your first words were a déjà vu.
I wore a startled expression immediately, unable to think or mutter a single word. It seems like i knew you once before, yet I couldn’t point out where. For more than half a minute, my lips felt heavy: the sound of your voice captured me, sweeping me completely off my feet. Then I decided to look into your eyes as you wiped off the coffee from my shoulder. That morning, I knew it was you. I knew you’ve been the one making my heart beat every day, nudging me to come to Paris for this purpose.
When you finally went on your knees, months later, to propose your love, I laughed because I had said my yes, the day we met. Does this story relate to you? Learn more about this distance love experience here
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