Cancer Finding Love From A  Distance

I accidentally found my love many miles away from here. We’ve  accidentally met during my trip many miles away. I was so mesmerized by the sound captured of his voice. it’s like i heard it somewhere before. Maybe in my dreams, but the look in his /her eyes was so alluring to captivating.  Every time I’m near him my heart but skip a beat, I would get butterflies in my stomach the moment I laid eyes on him. He made me feel so alive at this time in my life I actually thought I’ll never meet anyone again. After getting my heart-broken from my last relationship and feeling so unloved, there was a moment where I thought was I even worthy to be loved. But I was so Drawn by their beautiful spirit their energy so captivating! I knew so deep inside that this was my soulmate, this was the one that I was going to be with for the rest of my life. Learn more about finding love from a distance here

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