Soulmate Love Forecast:

The Sun is traveling into a section of your sign associated strongly with freedom and independence. For singles this could mean smooth sailing and a week of empowerment and self discovery. This is a good weekend for having fun and even flirting—but nothing serious will come of it. Reach out to friends if you feel blue at all, but you will probably be very happy being on your own and running your own life.

If you are in a relationship but the connection is broken or weak, things between you and your partner may come to an end or at least a break. Problems in a relationship will likely be due to unrealistic expectations of your relationship, which is a problem that everyone has from time to time. Although you may be able to patch things up by being grateful for what you have, it may be your time to shine independently right now, at least for now. If, on the other hand, you are very committed to your relationship, it could be a time for gratitude and compromise. With Pluto and Venus forging an alliance there is still a chance things could work out, but you will probably have to have a very real conversation about your relationship. Think over some realistic goals and have what you want to say somewhat planned out so that you are less likely to say something you may regret, or get confused about what you want.

Career and Money Forecast:

Distractions are rampant this week, both good and bad. There is an intense energy in your life that could cause you to stray off your path or lose focus of what is important right now. You will have to apply yourself especially hard to concentrating on tasks and goals. To keep on track you may want to set yourself reminders on your phone or computer, or possibly sticky notes. Doing this will help you to meet deadlines and keep you from forgetting or neglecting certain assignments. This is also a week where you will need to be more patient with yourself, and try not to get frustrated if you make mistakes.

You will likely have to handle money this week so make sure that you are especially watchful and careful. You may run into problems with those who you owe debts to this week. It is likely that if this is the case, the issues will be focused around a misunderstanding of what and/or when is owed. Muster your patience and resolve the issue calmly and carefully. Things will sort themselves out if you don’t lose your temper, which is unfortunately one of your most dominant qualities. If you leave your emotions out of it and think with your rational side you may even have an epiphany about how to pay a debt more quickly. If you are a media professional you will probably have some assignments that are relatively challenging, and graphic designers will enjoy good creative energy and opportunities.

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