Aries Timeless Reading

Today Aries we are Looking at the energies that surrounds you

Okay so let’s start with Aries. I see a lot of spring energy, see all those vines? Now we are in the solstice summer energy here where there are going to be things in regards to your situation, in regards to relationships, coming into fruition. 

I see a lot of spring energy here so I get a feel that many of you look at the blooms on the trees here. Look at that, it looks like a beautiful summer day, right? Everybody’s hanging out having fun, having a good time, many of you are going to be attending some functions. Some of you are going to be attending some engagements, you know, some weddings, some get-together that may have something to do with engagement.

 Okay, spirit is telling me baby showers. So, I’m getting a sense that there’s going to be some mingling or uniting together here with community. Some community gathering here for you. 

However, some of you are going to feel a little bit alone,  wondering if you should branch out into the atmosphere, into the universe? Should you branch out? There’s still some fencing here that’s in between you but the universe is showing you how it’s such a beautiful vast place for you. For you to grow, for you to engage in, for you to have an enjoyable time with. Even if you’re going outside and smelling the roses, getting in tune with nature. I see a lot of nature energy here.

Some of you may have recently walked away from a situation as well. However, it looks like you’re walking out of this gate. With these energy cards you have a lot of doors and you have a lot of gates. The gates here, you just open it up and you walk through it. You see this gate here. Now you’re looking back, so you’re looking back at your past. 

Aries,you’re looking back what you’re leaving behind. You’re saying goodbye one more time; okay goodbye, see ya. I get a sense here there’s many new starts here. There’s new endeavors for you here also. you have the thinking man, or thinking woman. So there is a lot of thought. 

You have that significant other thinking of you. Thinking of the conversations they have with you, thinking of the time they spent with you. So definitely there is some thinking going on, alright? There is some thought processing here. There’s even thought processing here because, you know, she looks like she’s standing there but she’s thinking about whether she should make a move or not. Whether him or her, you’re thinking whether you should make this move. So, a lot of beautiful energy, connecting with nature, a lot of spring/summer-like energy as well. Spring-summer. It looks like summer, it looks like spring, but it looks beautiful. So, I feel like you guys are going to be going through some experiences right now, right on this summer solstice season. 

So it looks really, really good with the energy that I’m seeing here so far. So, now we are going to get a little bit deeper into the reading. 

Let’s go a little deeper into the reading

So, let’s see, my Aries. Let’s see what the main situation will be, how will it start. We’ve got the beautiful energy that’s around. So, we’re starting here with an Earth sign here. And this could be Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo, so we’re starting here with an Earth sign, let’s see what’s in the past. We have the Ten of Wands in the past. 

Psychic Visions

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This looks like a back, a spine. See that? Looks like a spine. Back, spine. Okay, so we have the Ten of Wands. Okay so Aries, what this says in your past position; some of you have been experiencing a load on your shoulders or a load on your back. That’s what it looks like, it’s right on the back there. But also, some of you could be experiencing some lower back pains as well. And this is the first thing that I see, something with the spine and the back I see here as well which is popping out. But let’s go a little bit further and see what’s over you, what’s over in the heavens for you, let’s see. 

The Star Card in the tarot

The Star card has the two pitchers pouring love energy and mixing the energy together. That water symbolizes the emotions that flow of energy so it feels like this person is thinking of you the divine union you both have together. It feels like this person, for some reason I feel like this person is thinking here, and it goes back to this thinking man. So we have the two energies, we’ve got the two pitchers here.The number two represents unity. And it has that water flowing here. It feels like this is the Two of Cups where the Star card has the two cups also represented as the two pitchers as the water flows bringing balance.  The Star card in the tarot is about rebuilding your life. Moving away, closing out an old chapter that may have been burdensome to you, but yet being ready to move into the future here. And it seems that for some of you are walking away from a situation here. 

Ten of Cups

We have the Ten of Cups here. Beautiful, beautiful grapes in the cups, this represents just abundance here with the Ten of Cups.  This is another confirmation of your promise, you know why? Let me tell you why. Because this is the Nine of Cups, and with the Nine of Cups, it’s about making your wish. And the moment I saw this, I seen abundance. I don’t use these cards very often but I seen abundance. You know, with the grapes it’s a sense of growth, prosperity. To me, with grapes, abundance, fruitfulness, you know. Actually, with the King of Pentacles in some of the Tarot he has a garment with grapes on it. So, this is the wish card and this is about your wishes coming true.

Psychic Visions

This back thing going on here. Is there someone that had to go through surgery on their back? I see the back pain here and then I see the back, there’s some type of surgery. Okay, I know I’m going into left field but that’s what I seen automatically. Something going on with this back. Now, you have your wish card here. Moving into the future and you’ve got your Temperance here, so this is the bringing, not Temperance but this is the Star energy so you’re bouncing back from a difficult time here. But with this Ten of Swords, and let me just listen to what spirit is telling me. It feels like some type of pressure and let me just look a little bit deeper. There’s a symbol, a tattoo on this person’s back as well. This is an ending of a chapter, so to me this is a confirmation of an ending of something that you’ve been through. And it’s sort of like the universe is saying “make your wish.” The star is hope so you have hope for a new beginning but it feels like the residuals of the pain that you’ve been through is heavy on you. This burden was heavy on you in your past but it feels like there’s some type of surgical movement like something being removed from you, how I see it spiritually. And also in the physical it looks like something going on with the back for some of you. But it feels like, yes this hurt, yes I’ve been through a lot, but yet, I feel like I’m being prepared for something new. I feel an abundance coming through. So, let’s go a little bit deeper here. So this is the promise. This is the promise. It feels like overall so far what I’m getting is a new start, a new beginning. Something new is happening. The moving away from something old which has been a  burden to you were feeling. But you’re still dealing with the residual pain of something that you’ve been through in regards to emotion. You’re wondering, an offer has been made, and you’re wondering should you take up on this offer with the Four of Cups. There was an offer and you’re a little bit skeptical about this offer, Aries. You’re a little bit, kind of, skeptical. It could be coming from a possible… This is your energy, the Queen of Wands. So you’re an Aries, you’re a fire sign. And you’re a little bit skeptical about what this offer entails, and maybe this cup is someone still trying to offer something that you are familiar with and you’re not sure whether you should take it or not. 

Don’t Let Anyone Block You From Your Soulmate

You have  three other options here but this offer… and you know what I was talking about as well and what comes to me when I look at this, is that, make sure that your soulmate, or that your twin flame, or the one your hearts desire, that there’s no one in front that’s trying to block the flow. And looking at the energies here with the Star card, spiritually saying that you have been rebuilding what was broken from your past. New beginnings are here for you. You shut the door and  walked away from an environment, a situation. However it resonates with you, and now you’re walking into abundance.This is a continuation from part one of Aries. Try not to be disillusioned or lose your focus on whatever in this cup with the 4 of cups. There’s a movement that’s going to be coming up for you in the future. You have the faith. Faith is coming up, this is the higher thought. So there is a spiritual element, there’s an element of study and wisdom coming forth here. 

You have the Six of Cups, longing that Nostalgia card, longing on memory and these look like children. It could have something to do with children as well. In the 6 of cups, is like the abundance of what you desire. What you like to achieve is coming forth in your future so something from your past you want, you desire, you want restored. For some of you it’s something from the past or a situation from the past, or someone. But I see these little children and it feels like it’s connected to something with a family. Like either these are your children… It feels like family, like you’re thinking and longing for these children. That’s what it feels like. Someone you missed, or is it children you missed. That’s what I feel here. Something you’re trying to get back to, or something was together. You want things the way they used to be in some scenarios for some of you, and you could be praying a lot for this to happen, for this to come to pass as well. 

Aries, you’re waiting for that promise to come forth. You already feel the energetic frequencies that are coming forth in your situation and it looks like things are going to start happening for you. Things are going to start coming into fruition.  You have the sun energy here. And it feels like, Aries, this is that fire energy coming out, that the promise that you are waiting for is coming very soon. 

Past Life or In Your Past History

Whether it’s bringing you desiring for a love, for a family, it could be a family you don’t have yet as well, in the universal spear. But it also, for some of you, could be a connection to children and family from the past. For some of you are longing… and spirit is speaking to me now, for some of you are longing… some of you are missing a family. Something with the family and the children here I see. Now, this is actually, to me, is a Past Life card. Yes, it’s a Past Life card. The way things used to be. And to me it could be a past life, in another life. You consciously clearly don’t remember in the other life but you, kind of, could be getting some déjà vu in your current life, in your current physical, in your current mind and memory. Now something that is reminding you of a past life, that’s number one. But number two, to me, how it also deals with the past. This can also deal with childhood memories as well. Things that you’ve been through in your child life as you were growing up. So that type of past life. But I feel like it’s something past right now, Aries, that you could be longing for, you could be wanting to be restored. But the Star card is here, saying that I’m here to bring restoration to your situation as you close out with the 9 of cups also known as the wish card. Make your wish now and let us touch and agree that together that your hope and desires will manifest in the physical.

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