Soulmate and Love Forecast:

Those who are single can take the chance to try something new and branch out to some extent. It is easy to feel alone especially anyone who isn’t currently in a relationship, but it is wholly unnecessary. There are many ways to meet people especially since we have social media and the Internet—you can even just use the web to find fun events that you might be interested in and try to meet someone there. Speed dating is another alternative you could try, and if you are feeling self-conscious ask some single friends to go with you. There are plenty of ways to meet people, the only thing holding you back are your own doubts and inaction. With Venus traveling through Sagittarius you will find your social sector is energized.


If you are in a relationship you are likely to face a week of trial and tribulation. Some kind of disagreement will lead to a heavy battle of hearts. This fight could be over something minor that just gets blown out of proportion, and then unveils some repressed hurt or resentment that has been bothering either you or your partner but has remained unspoken or unfinished. Whatever the fight may be there is a good chance that you and your partner separate or take a break from one another. Although this is a dark and difficult time it won’t be forever. Odds are it is a temporary setback and if you are both willing to come back to each other and forgive, your relationship will prove to be stronger than ever. This is just a test of love.


Career and Money Forecast:


Expect a little strife and frustration in the workplace. This is a challenging week when it comes to fighting, with it creeping up in your love life and your work life. Those who work beneath you may challenge your authority and there could be a lot of anger and tension from various places on the job. Try to give angry feisty people some space to vent and cool down on their own. It is best not to take up any challenges during this time or meet them with animosity. If you can keep your own head cool things will work in your favor and at the end of the week things will sort themselves out and calm down. You will also see who your friends truly are.


The best news is that this is a favorable time for a promotion if you have been working towards one. Communicating and asserting your needs is the key to keeping money coming in or getting a raise or promotion. You have been enjoying the finer things of life lately and it has required a chunk of your income. This week it is wise to try to put at least a percentage of money into savings, and if possible turn this into a routine. You never know when a rainy day will come and you will need to dig into your savings.

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