My name is Tara and i’m a love relationship coach and spiritual mentor. I have the ability to explore the deep things of the heart, and provide lasting positive results as I guide you on a spiritual journey healing, love and empowerment. My main focus is to help you overcome the difficult challenges that comes with a broken heart and broken spirit. For one I have been there before and have experienced the pain and the challenges with a  broken heart. I’ve also experience what it is like to feel liberated and whole again with a positive outlook forward. In life we get second chances and just because the first time may have not been what you thought it would be, doesn’t mean that the universe doesn’t have a greater plan for you.

My website is designed to teach the art of patience especially when it comes to waiting for the right person to enter your life. Patience brings great reward and can lead to finally having that special someone. I can help you to prepare for this person as you wait for them to come along.

Being alone can be difficult, especially if you long for the companionship that a relationship can bring. Being single often has its own set of challenges that you must face and overcome, just as relationships do. I can help you not only to find the strength when you need it being single, but also to be your best self and be ready for the right person so that you can enter into a healthy and fulfilling relationship when the time is right.

Whether you are single or in a relationship it is likely that you are dealing with a damaged and broken heart. Past or present relationships can hurt us on a deep level, inflicting great damage on our self-esteem, hope, and trust. It can even hurt our capacity to love and certainly may affect our ability to maintain a healthy and functioning relationship.

Through my website I have helped people heal and overcome broken hearts with meditations and chakra distant healing. These healing methods can help to restore wholeness and mend old or new wounds so that you can overcome the pain and rediscover your innate joy. This can help you to push on and succeed in any area of your life, but especially in your relationships. Healing means you can leave the past behind, be your best self, and give your all to the right person for you.

My website can also help you with spiritual growth and transformation through training, coaching, and meditation. These tools can be used to find the answers you are missing so that you can strengthen your intuition and spiritual instincts, raise your vibration, and see things more clearly. They can also help to heal and renew emotional wounds and any negative energy which might be clouding your vision and blocking you from your potential.

You will also find practical information on my website that you can apply directly to your life and the unique situations that you are dealing with. This practical advice can guide you to your life purpose and destiny. If you want help beyond or outside of your relationship, particularly when it comes to finding your mission in the world, I can give you the knowledge and guidance needed to be successful.

My primary goal is to help others by using my own gifts and experience to impart wisdom and grant the tools so that others can succeed. I want to help you find and keep the love of your life, achieve emotional and spiritual healing, and find your life purpose. The ultimate objective that all of us have is growth and happiness, because no one wants to live in stagnation or fear and sadness. With years of personal experience under my belt I can work with you on a 101 basis to find the solutions to your specific problems and help you achieve success.