5 Top Signs Of An Unrequited Love

5 Signs Of An Unrequited Love

Often, your intuition will be the first thing to tell you if you have your love for someone unrequited. It is that feeling or sudden idea in your head that tells you that the person you are deeply in love with do not love you back the same way. This idea pushes you to be watchful and aware of the many ways that you are being avoided, being pushed away or being unappreciated for the many things you do to make someone happy.

There are numerous things you would notice if your love is being unrequited but these can be summarized into five:

  1. First of all, no matter the number of times you try to get those you love deeply to notice you; you just appear to them like a part of the crowd. They do not give you the required attention and even if they do, you will be surprised to see that they do so casually without any form of meaningful physical contact.
  2. Secondly, during your absence, while you miss seeing them and are worried about their well-being, you come across them again and realized that they weren’t a bit obvious of the fact that you weren’t around.
  3. Another sign to look out for is how those you love deeply surprisingly do not know anything about you. You know what makes them happy and how they like their coffee, but sadly for instance, they do not even know your first name or have any idea about your hobbies!
  4. You also find yourself consistently nervous around those you are deeply in love with if they do not like you back. Surprised? Think about it; you are not your real self around them only because you are thinking of and doing so many unreasonable things because you want them to notice you.
  5. Finally, unrequited love is usually noticed when your crush is hell-bent on keeping you on the friend-zone. They often remind you that they are only interested in a friendship with you and may even consistently talk to you about those they are in a relationship with.

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