5 Tips On How To Win His Heart

5 Tips To Win His Heart

Have you had eyes for that special someone and you’re wondering how to get their attention? There are many different strategic tips for different people, and not every trick or strategy will work the same for every person. However, here are 5 tips that you can test and apply to see if you can gain some momentum in winning your partner’s heart. Each tip you must strategically apply to your personal situation with a touch of your own personality.

 Give Him Ideas for Exciting Things to Do Together

This will depend entirely on what both you and he are interested in. The goal is to find something that both of you find exciting and fun. This could be any number of things—hiking together, star gazing, going to a big game, going to see a concert—the options are nearly limitless, it just takes a little imagination. Doing this will help you both get to know each other in an atmosphere where you’re not only comfortable but having a good time already. It could also help him associate you with fun and excitement and allow him to see you for yourself.

 Send Him Pleasant Images of You to Keep You in His Mind

This definitely doesn’t mean you should send him inappropriate pictures, but sending him an image of yourself doing something you like to do (such as cooking) or when you’re just feeling pretty is a good way to keep his thoughts coming back to you. If you are social media savvy the best medium for this is probably Snapchat, because it gives you a reasonable excuse to send pictures of yourself regularly. Snapchat is great because the primary purpose of this app is to communicate through pictures of yourself and what you’re doing in that moment. Even if you don’t have Snapchat it couldn’t hurt to send him an image over text. Just remember—any picture you send, even over Snapchat, could be on the Internet forever.

 Pay Attention to What he Like

Getting to know him is a key element in winning his heart, and that comes down to asking the right questions and being a good listener. Figuring out what his favorite things are, and specifics about them—such as favorite sports teams if he likes sports—will help you show him that you’re interested in a subtle way while making him feel seen. He will notice when you’re able to remember and talk to him about what he likes, or, better yet, enjoy them together.

Steer Away From Showing Jealousy and Possessiveness or You Might Push Him Away

It can be hard to let him just go about his life, especially for some people, and especially if you really really like him. Just remember you haven’t won him over yet, and in order to do that you have to let him have the freedom to do as he wishes and respect his choices. If you are jealous or possessive it can and likely will push him away which is the opposite of what you want. To make this a little easier it might help if you focus on your own personal goals and other things besides him that make you happy.


Offer Your Support to Show Him That You Care


If he is going through a hard time it gives you a great opportunity to show him that you care and give him emotional support. This is a valuable asset and something you would do regularly as his girlfriend. Doing this is a non-romantic, and just human way to show him that you care about him as a person is a really good place to start. This is a great way to begin to form a real connection with each other that could have lasting effects.


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