5 Signs to know that you have experienced a Karmic relationship

Generally karma is viewed in a negative light. Although there is both good and bad karma, a karmic relationship tends to be on the more negative scale of things, unfortunately for all those who experience one. Karmic relationships are typically viewed as a kind of punishment or lesson for treating someone badly in the past, possibly cheating or being abusive to someone else. Karmic relationships are very common and are typically what men and women go through when they experience an abusive relationship, whether it is emotionally and/or physically abusive. When you are in a Karmic relationship it will likely be difficult to know exactly what kind of relationship it is—hindsight is the most clear way to view our experiences. Most people will know the type of relationship they were in, whether soul mate, twin flame, past life relationship, or karmic relationship, only after it has ended. Most of the signs of a karmic relationship are the same ones you will see in any abusive relationship; and this is anyone’s signal to get out of that relationship and find personal healing as soon as possible.

1) Intense Connection and Passion

Karmic relationships are defined partly by how quickly they envelope those in them. When you first meet this person it will feel like a whirlwind of emotion quickly sucking you in. There will be a powerful spark and undeniable chemistry that will make them difficult to resist. As you get to know each other things will seem to move forward very fast and it may feel like this person is completely perfect for you. They may propose or make some serious gesture fairly early in the relationship. There will likely be a very strong physical element marked by powerful lust.

2) Emotional Highs and Lows

As great and wonderful as things will be on the good days, the bad days will be just as bad if not worse, characterized by horrible fights, silent treatments, mind games, and likely deceit. These bad times will leave you devastated and cut down emotionally and spiritually, you will feel drained and listless. Before you know it, however, the cycle will come full circle again and everything will be amazing between you and your partner—but not for long.

3) Addiction

Karmic relationships also have strong ties of addiction in them which is what keeps most people trapped in these unhealthy and unhappy relationships. Despite how bad things can get, the good times will keep you holding on. You will make excuses and probably be in denial about how bad things are to avoid the truth that you need to leave; the thought of leaving is just far too painful.

4) Selfishness

One of the most trademark qualities of a karmic relationship is selfishness. Any normal or healthy relationship will be about give and take, but karmic relationships are all about taking. It might be you, your partner, or both of you who are selfish depending on where you are on your karmic journey. Generally it is the other person who is selfish, and you find that you are putting far more into the relationship than them.

5) Controlling and Jealousy

These are two other prominent traits that exist in abusive relationships as well as karmic ones. If your partner is overly jealous and becomes irate over small things, or wants to dictate who your friends are,

who you talk to, or what you wear, these are red flag signs of a bad relationship. Physical and emotional abuse often go along with controlling and jealous relationships.

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