5 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

5 reason why men pull away and what actions to take when this happens.

It is very frightening when the man you love pulls away right when the relationship starts to feel like it’s getting serious. This isn’t an uncommon situation, but the good news is that just because he may do this it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is over. In fact, there are even some steps you can take in order to remedy the situation and get things back on track.

1) He May Have Felt Pressured Into a Relationship

It may be that he just feels pressured to be with you, in which case he is likely to distance himself. No one wants to feel pressured to do anything and it might confuse him somewhat as to what he actually wants for himself. If you have made a very big deal about being committed and going steady together it’s likely that this is how the pressure came into existence. The best thing you can do if this is the case is to lower the pressure and allow him to think about his own feelings and what he really wants.

2) He Is Afraid of Being Vulnerable – Be Supportive

This is another common problem that men and women both experience. Being in a serious relationship and being in love puts both parties in a position of vulnerability. If he has been hurt badly in the past, as many of us have been, he might be cautious and afraid of getting hurt again. If this what is happening the best thing to do is be supportive and encouraging. Remind him that you are vulnerable too and you won’t hurt him because you really do love him, but don’t rush him or try to manipulate him into being together. Show him as much kindness as you can.

3) He May Feel Overwhelmed – Allow Time for Him to Think Things Out

Falling in love is generally overwhelming. Usually it is a good kind of overwhelming, but it has many other kinds of implications which can be scary as well as exciting. It is perfectly normal that he may be feeling a little overwhelmed because this is a big life change. If you have found out that this is the problem just give him time to think things out. This should allow him a chance to absorb all of the chances that are taking place and come to terms with what has happened.

4) You May Be Too Clingy – Give Him Space

When we fall in love many of us have a tendency of becoming a little obsessive—this is perfectly normal, as it’s part of what love is. On many occasions, however, showing your love a little too adamantly will have the opposite affect that you want—it could drive him away. If this is what is going on then your best choice of action is just to give him a little more space. Let him come to you for a change and reach out to you rather than it always being the other way around.

5) He May Need to Isolate to Recharge – Give Him His Down Time

Introverts need a chance to be alone in order to recharge, and this might be a little bit of a problem especially if you’re an extrovert. This has nothing to do with you and is entirely who he is as a person, so the two of you will have to learn how to respect each other’s differences. That means when he has had too much social stimulation you might need to spend a night with your girlfriends or family. Compromising in this way will help you both stay happy and get your needs met.

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