5 Key Tips On How to cope with the anxiety of men pulling away

5 Tips To Cope With the Anxiety of Your Partner Pulling Away

Relationships in general are stressful without throwing in something unexpected, such as your partner suddenly pulling away. Maybe you are just starting to get serious with him or her when they begin to distance themselves, or maybe you felt like your relationship was pretty solid and this is happening very out of the blue. On the other hand your relationship might be somewhat turbulent already, but no matter the case, it is almost always like getting the wind knocked out of you. The worst part of it is the anxiety, what are they thinking, what is going to happen next? Here are 5 tips to cope with that anxiety.

1) Write in a Journal or Speak with Friends

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety and fear is to find some way to get it out. Writing in a journal and/or talking to friends about what is bothering you will help to alleviate some of the tension and nerves. Doing this, especially writing in a diary or journal, also helps you to see your situation objectively. It gives you a little perspective and distance into your own situation to help you see it more realistically.

2) Take Some Time to Yourself

Give your guy or girl breathing room. By obsessively checking your phone, calling, messaging, or dropping by their house, you are probably only aiding your own anxieties and possibly just pushing them away more which will only make matters worse. Take your attention off of your partner and put it unto yourself. Think about your own life, the things you need and what you enjoy doing. Basically just find a way to put your focus on you.

3) Focus on Your Goals and Hobbies

While you’re putting your attention on your own life, think about healthy ways that you can push forward. Thinking about the goals you want to set for your career and personal life is a really good way to gain a little independence which should help to calm the anxiety. You can also think about your hobbies and if there is anything you could add to the list. This will help to give you some things to do while you’re focusing on yourself.

4) Find Your Stress Relievers

There are a variety of different things that you could choose This might mean going out and getting a massage, spending time in nature, getting out with your girlfriends, or going on a short trip—the possibilities are limited only by your interests. Doing these types of activities is not only therapeutic but could really help reduce your anxiety levels.

5) Talk to Them Directly

Once you have your feelings pretty much under control it might be best to talk to your partner in a straightforward fashion. Try not to approach them in a way that is confrontational or antagonistic, instead, be direct but as kind and polite as you can be. Ask them why they are distancing themselves from you and be honest that you are feeling somewhat anxious, and their honesty will help to give you some relief. Maybe they are an introvert and they just need a little space from people, or maybe they were feeling a little smothered. If your worst fears are that they want to leave you, then facing that fear and getting to the point sooner rather than later will at least help you start moving on with your life.

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