Have you been longing to hear your partner say the words “I love you?” Maybe you and partner are affectionate and have a close relationship, but the way you feel about each other hasn’t been clearly expressed in words. This is common, as it can be hard for some people to take the big leap with those three special words. Saying it is often scary and involves a big risk that the other person may not feel the same way, so sometimes it gets delayed. Here are 10 signs to look out for even when you don’t hear the words “I love you,” so that you can still get a clue as to how he really feels about you.

The Way He Looks at You

You can tell a lot about how someone feels about you by how they look at you. Whenever someone is truly attracted to you will be able to catch them looking at you frequently and for long periods of time. Maintaining eye contact is also a big indicator that he is attracted to you and cares about you. This is a pretty tried and true sign that has science to back up the legitimacy of it. If you catch him looking at you when you aren’t looking at him, and especially if he isn’t afraid to look away, it’s very likely that he has feelings running true and deep for you.

He Listens To You

You’ll be able to tell if he is listening to you by how he reacts when you speak. If he stops what he is doing and puts his attention on you, makes eye contact, and nods or reacts to what you say through body language, he is probably listening to you pretty closely. He won’t interrupt or blurt out things off topic, but will instead ask questions about whatever you’re speaking about and respond with his own input or opinion. Being able to have a real conversation with someone like this, and being able to listen to each other, is important in any relationship and a sure way to know that the other person respects you.

Always Remembering What You Say

Have you noticed that he will bring up things you’ve told him in the past? This is another sure way to tell that he has definitely been listening to you. It’s also another great sign of love because it means that he takes the things you say to heart. Your partner will remember what you say and he will show you that what you say is of great importance. Some people are naturally forgetful, but if he/she really pays attention and listens he/she will certainly remember most of what you say.

He Listens to Your Opinion

If he asks for and listens to your opinion it’s another likely indication that he cares about you quite a bit. It means that he values what you genuinely think about different matters and wants to take your thoughts into consideration. This is especially true if he asks your opinion about more meaningful and important subjects, because it also means that he trusts your judgment and you aren’t just anyone to him.

He Wants to Know All About You

When you love something you want to know everything about it, no matter what it is. The more you love something or someone, and the more genuine and deep it is, the more sincere and real this will come across. He will ask you about your childhood, your thoughts and feelings, things you love and things that may be hard for you to talk about. Basically everything, especially anything that matters about you he will want to know.

He Likes to See You Happy

If he cares about your happiness then it is a pretty good indication that he loves you. This is even more true if he obviously cares about you but wants to see you happy even if it involves sacrifice for him. Selfless love will want to see you happy and growing first and foremost. If he pays attention to you and the things you enjoy or need, and makes sure you have them, it’s obvious that he enjoys seeing you happy and is willing to put forth some effort to make that happen.

He Tries Hard to Make You Laugh

When a man is in love he will work to see you smile and laugh. That means finding out what makes you happy and makes you laugh, and then doing that thing sometimes until it becomes old just because he knows it works. You’ll notice he smiles or laughs too whenever he sees you laughing, and he might even outright say “I love your smile” or “I love making you laugh.”

Values Spending Time With You

You will be able to tell if he values spending time with you because he will always make room for the two of you in his schedule. He will put you as a priority and make sure that you get time to be together every week. It will be clear that it’s important, and you’ll notice that he’s happy or excited to spend time with you. This is a great sign that he loves you, if he loves being with you.

He Treats You Great Even Though He Doesn’t Say the “L” Word

When someone loves you they do a lot of things all at once, including everything on this list. He will listen to you, care about your opinion, value spending time together, love seeing you happy and making you laugh. He will be focused on you and act like he is in love. If you love him too, you will be acting much the same way and your behaviors will reflect each other.

A Man That Is Interested in You Won’t Talk About Other Women

It isn’t a very good sign if you hang out with him and notice he frequently brings up women who aren’t his relatives, especially if he talks about them to you like you’re his wing-man. When a guy is really interested he won’t bring up other women because you’ll be the top lady on his mind. He might mention failed relationships if you’re on the subject of exes, but not much beyond that.

He Always Wants to Include You in His Plans with Friends and Family

If he invites you to events and gatherings that include his close friends and family it’s a big indication that you’re important to him and he wants to welcome you into the circle of people he loves. If he does this, he probably loves you or has a deep vested interest in getting closer to you and laying down roots.

The more he does this, the more probable that he had strong feelings about you. A guy isn’t likely to include any girl he comes across in important matters that involve family and friends, unless he really thinks something of you. If he does this he is welcoming you into his family so that you can get to know his relatives and close friends. He is showing you off and letting those closest to him see the woman he has chosen.

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